ICE 3 Step Pads for Natural Stone

The Busy Bee

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The ICE 3 step pads are our favorite for polishing natural stone quickly and effectively. Three step 

White Resin

For quick and easy Dry Polishing

Finally you can have it all! A 3 step dry polishing pad system that can work on any  natural stone and some porcelain!

4 or 5 passes with each step will get you to a factory shine.

We have been working tirelessly to get the industry what it needed. A quick way to polish natural stone and some porcelain materials anywhere. Now it's available to you.  No more searching around to find a 3 step polishing system that works!

Step 1 = For Grinding and Shaping (50 grit to 200 grit)

Step 2 = For a Honed Look and Feel  (400 grit to 800 grit)

step 3 = For a Fully Polished Look and Feel  (1500 grit to 3000 grit)


Not recommended for engineered stone. Please use our 7 step Bee pads or 3 step VENOM pads


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