AARWOLF Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp AHLC-730


  • 2,87900


For lifting and moving of concrete blocks and natural stone. Long-lasting, high friction replaceable Polyurethane gripping pads protect load surfaces against damage. Suitable for use on cranes or forklift booms. Clamp jaws are gravity controlled. They open automatically on every second lift and close on every second lift.


  • Adjustable jaw opening width.
  • A large gripping range, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Long-lasting, high friction replaceable Polyurethane gripping pads.
  • Lifting eye for attaching to a crane hook.
  • Auto locks and unlocks the load.

Optional extra: The rotating pad and limit stop can be sold upon request. 

Strengths of the rotating pad and limit stop:

  • The horizontal stone lifting clamp with rotating pads and limit stop is a special lifting clamp that can optimize the working efficiency. The clamp can be worked well when rotating and lifting the material in horizontal and vertical directions.
  • The limit stop provides the exactly distance between the clamp and the material, allowing the material can be moved within the narrow space in the comfortable manner.
  • The rotating pads can be changed quickly for rotating the concrete block easily and safely.


Grip range 280 - 730 11" – 28"
Working load limit 1500 3307
Net weight 112 247
Gross weight 123 271
Packaging dimensions L.1410xW.530xH.330 55.5"x20.9"x13"



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