Super SAM® 125 (Sound Abatement Membrane)

Super SAM® 125 (Sound Abatement Membrane)

National Applied Construction Products

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Super SAM 125 is a thin, (approx.1/8" thick), self-adhering, self-healing, sound-deadening sheet membrane designed for use under floor surfaces that require impact and audible sound reduction. The peel-and-stick membrane is applied with an NAC primer and may be installed over substrates without a sound rated ceiling assembly (SRCA).

Super SAM 125 is ideal for applications requiring sound reduction such as condominiums, classrooms, multi-family housing, hotels, high-rise office buildings, media rooms and more.

  • IIC 51 STC 54 ΔIIC 22 on 6” concrete with tile
  • IIC 56 STC 61 on wood joist system with tile
  • IIC 51 STC 52 ΔIIC 23 on 6” concrete with hardwood
  • Same day flooring installation
  • Crack protection for up to 3/8”
  • Provides MVT protection up to 10#/1000 SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC or NS97 and 7#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC II
  • Light Commercial/Residential load rating
  • Clean Air GOLD certified

Coverage - 3' x 50' - 150 sf/roll

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