Gold BEE Blade

The Busy Bee

  • 1599
  • Save $ 400

Better Diamonds make for Better Diamond Blades!

Better Diamond Blades make for a Better Cut!

If you do not see the BEE, then its a Knockoff.

10 years ago we set the standard and revolutionized what a diamond blade should be. The best selling blade in history. A blade that:

  • Cuts Clean over and over
  • Long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Dependable

Since then, the other guys have tried to copy our original successful BEE Blade. While they were working on selling you a similar look or style we were busy working to make our best selling blade even better!

5 Years ago we introduced a better BEE Blade. 

  • Cleaner Cut
  • Longer Lasting
  • Lower Cost
  • Even more Dependable


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Available Sizes:

4" - 4.5" - 5" - 6" - 7"

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