JOKER Bridge Saw Blade for Cutting multiple Materials

The Busy Bee

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Finally ONE Blade to cut all the popular materials on the market today. No more changing blades. No more guessing on which blade to use for different materials.

Cutting DEKTON, Porcelain, or Ultra Compact Surfaces? Use the JOKER Blade! Cuts 8 ft / min

Cutting Granite, Quartz or engineered stone? Use the JOKER Blade! Cuts 20 ft / min

Cutting Marble? Use the JOKER Blade! Cuts 13 ft / min

Cutting Natural Quartzite? Use the JOKER Blade! Cuts 6.5 ft / min


Introducing the JOKER Bride Saw Blade.

One blade for all the materials. High Speed and excellent cutting finish. 

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