Level Lippage System for Tile and Stone


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Easiest way to level tile. Install Tile like a Professional!

Works wonders for level installations of tile and stone for walls and floors.


  • Holds tiles level
  • Eliminates lippage on uneven tiles
  • Ideal for walls and floors

Tiles often move during the drying process. So to avoid disappointment and costly repairs use the lippage system during the installation process will ensure you end up with a lippage free and level surface.

How to use

  1. Place lippage spacer between tiles 100 mm / 4" from both ends of the tile.
  2. Once tile and lippage spacer are in place, fasten the lippage clip.
  3. Clamp the two pieces together leveling the tiles, using the lippage gun. This will hold the tiles in place while the tile adhesive sets.
  4. Once the adhesive has dried, simply kick the cap along the grout joint to remove. Use a white rubber mallet to remove from walls. Grout to finish tiled area
  5. Remove cap from spacer to reuse


Cap and Spacer system eliminates lippage in large tile installation.

  • Very easy to learn and use at any skill level.
  • Increase the speed of installation.
  • Gun Tensions cap and spacer together.
  • Gun can be used for walls and floors.
  • 1/16" (1.5mm) grout joint.
  • Reusable Caps 3-5/32" (80mm long).
  • Universal lippage spacer dimensions: 4-1/4" (108mm) High x 7/16" (11mm) Wide.
  • Can be used with other lippage system on the market.

Spacers Features:

  • Serrated on both sides
  • Longer spacers (pavers)
  • Curved base to tension diferent tile thickness.
  • No soaking required.
  • Ideals for floors and walls

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