Pre Mix Spec Mix

Pre Mix Spec Mix

EZ Mix

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Pre Blended Dry Mortar
Available in 60 lbs & 94 lbs

Designed specifically for use by masonry contractors, the Spec Mix 94 lb. Type S Masonry Mortar provides consistent batches of type S mortar for applying brick, stone and block. The mortar offers 1,800 psi strength and a 2-hour working time.


  • For use in the application of block, brick and stone
  • Dry, factory-blended mix
  • 2 hour working time
  • Gray color
  • Yields consistent batches
  • 1,800 psi
  • Meets ASTM C-270 and UBC 21-15 standards
  • Saves time and money on labor
Pre-Mix Spec Mix Masonry Mortar is specifically designed for use by masonry contractors. This product is produced under strict quality control guidelines in accordance with A.S.T.M. and U.B.C. standards. Masonry Mortar provides a superior product to jobsite mixing due to control of mix ratio and quality of sand.

Add Masonry Mortar to clean, potable water and mix to desired consistency. Recommended water is approximately 17-20% by weight. One 94 lb. bag should lay approximately (25) block or (40) to (50) brick.
  • Quality control – a consistent batch every time
  • Convenience of handling and transporting one product
  • Excellent for multi-story and difficult access jobs
  • Systems that save time and money on labor
  • Consistent color quality

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