Red Ripper Ultralight™ Stone Router

Red Ripper Ultralight™ Stone Router


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The Red Ripper Ultralight™ Stone Router is our lightest router yet! Weighing in at only 11 lbs, you can easily pick up this router with one hand! It is built for profiling sinks and edges, and is perfect for pre-fabs. The built-in hydroplaning base helps the router move smoothly over the surface of the stone without scratching. Works on both natural and engineered stone. While the router is light, it is no lightweight when it comes to the size of bits it can use - almost all standard 7/8 bore with M10-1.5 bolt router bits will fit and be usable, including all common 2, 3, and 4cm bits.  We've even seen guys swing larger bits, but that can cause the machine to become unbalanced, requiring a weight in the back to level things back out again!

Whether you are looking to start up a shop, or whether you just want your team to have an in-expensive router that they can keep on-hand at all times or even take to the job site, the Red Ripper Ultralight™ Stone Router is for you.

Water Feed Option

This option adds an additional $125 to the Red Ripper Ultralight and is available through call-in order.

Keeping bits properly wet while routing the inside of a sink - or anywhere else you have inside corners - can be a bear: the hose is always running into the stone or missing the grinding or polishing surface. The extra heat causes bits, in particular polishing bits, to heat up and prematurely wear - something no one wants to happen. With the water feed option, the water is sent directly through the center of the spindle and into the center of the bit where coolant-through bits can then sling the water right onto the working surface no matter where that surface is. This keeps the bit and stone fully wet at all times, allowing for maximum bit life and a perfect polish.


Product may show minor usage (dust, etc.) due to factory testing when shipped.

Product may not precisely match images. We are constantly working on each of our products to find better designs, and we ship each new machine with the best design we have at that time.

If you already have a Makita 9564CV or 9565CV motor and wish to purchase the Red Ripper Ultralight™ without the motor, please contact us for information and pricing.

Coolant through spindle, a very useful option for grinding and polishing sinks, is available as an additional option.  Please call for details

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