SAM® 3 Sound Control Membrane

National Applied Construction Products

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Features and Benefits


• Suitable for interior and exterior use

• Meets ANSI A118.10, A118.12, A118.13

• Protects against reflective cracking and


• Independent Sound Tested 

   IIC = 70 min STC=67 min

• Safely covers asbestos flooring and provides

   an effective barrier against radon and mold

• Resists Moisture Vapor (MVT)

   10#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC

   TAC or NS97 Primer or 7#/1000SF/24HRS

   when used with NAC TAC II Primer

• Eliminates need to cut tile to meet

   control/cold joints

• No need to remove old floors or recess

   new ones

• Can be used for thin-bed and medium-bed


• Self-bonding and self-healing formula

• Tile can be installed the same day as


• Works with radiant-heated floors and tile

   warming systems


SAM® 3 is a high quality sound control sheet membrane for surfaces that require impact and audible sound reduction, in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly (SRCA). 


How It Works

SAM® 3 is a 90 mil thick (< 1/8"), self-adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane chemically formulated to reduce airborne (STC) and impact (IIC) sound transmission when used under hard surface flooring such as, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood, commercial grade vinyl tile and more.

SAM® 3 is composed of modified elastomers, sound deadening resins and reinforced woven fibers and is designed for use in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly. 


NAC TAC, NAC TAC II or NS97 Primers are necessary components of NAC sheet membrane systems.


SAM® 3​ has been tested and certified for sound reduction on hard surface substrates.


8" Concrete Slab (with a SRCA)




6.5" Concrete Slab (no SRCA)



SAM® 3 provides protection from in-plane, structural movement up to 3/8" for floors requiring crack isolation protection, 


For protection against Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT), use SAM® 3 and the appropriate NAC primer to provide protection of 10#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC or NS97 Primer or 7#/1000SF/24HRS when used 
with NAC TAC II Primer.



Use SAM® 3 membrane OVER:


Concrete: Poured, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete, concrete backerboard, mud beds, gypsum, lightweight concrete and patching compounds. 


Wood: Exterior or exposure 1 plywood, APA-rated sheathing, Sturd-I-Floor, hardwood, tongue and groove and OSB with standard face. (Gap between sheeting as required.) 


Other Substrates: Ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, terrazzo, VCT/VAT, metal, painted and sealed floors and floors damaged by dry shrinkage and structural movement. 


Use SAM® 3 UNDER: 


Thin & medium-bed mortar installations (ANSI A118.4) of ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, slate, granite tile, pavers, brick, hardwood, manufactured wood, commercial grade vinyl and other finished floors are also acceptable; check with flooring manufacturer.


Ideal for use with radiant heated floors and low voltage tile warming systems.



SAM® 3 is available in 3'x50' rolls (150 sq. ft.)

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