Silicon Carbide Antique Brush

The Busy Bee

  • 4000
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Busy BEE now offers premium brushes for producing this textured finish on granite and other hard stones. Best silicon carbide brush in the industry!

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Ageing brushes for marble, granite and ceramic tile for use with manual, semi-automatic or automatic machinery. Circular ageing wheels available in 100mm with combination snail-lock, 5/8"-11F connection.

  • Made of nylon and silicon carbide abrasive filaments of 30mm in length, guaranteeing longer life
  • Brush has dense concentration of filaments and excellent flexibility. 36 grit to 500 grits available giving wide variety of finishes, from opaque to a mirror finishes
  • Color coded grit sequences along with a stamped grit for easy grit identification
  • Mixto brushes utilize 36 grit nylon and silicon carbide center filaments with a stainless steel filament ring for more aggressiveness
  • Inox stainless steel filament brushes used for cleaning the stone


Brushes come in silicon carbide for softer stones like marble. These brushes allow you to produce textures quickly and easily. While they work great for inline or radial arm machines they can be used nearly as efficiently with any standard polisher with center water feed.

Each brush has a snail lock for easy attachment to larger machines like a Park Industries Pro Edge, Marmo edging machines, or a radial arm machine like the Park Industries Wizard. The brushes also have 5/8"-11 thread for use with hand polishing tools like Flex, Makita or Hercules.

These brushes are designed to be flexible and are durable even under demanding shop conditions.


  • Flexible and durable
  • Each brush comes with snail lock and 5/8"-11 thread
  • Recommended 2,000 – 4,000 RPM
  • Wet use only

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