Hot Stuff Instant Glue Pro Kit

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The Hot Stuff® PRO KIT is the perfect glue. It comes with a one-ounce bottle of Hot Stuff®, a one-ounce bottle of gap -filling Super T, and a one-ounce bottle of ultra gap-filling Special T so you have the right glue for any application. The kit also includes a six-ounce aerosol can of our NCF-Quick accelerator to shorten cure times and strengthen bonds, a two-ounce bottle of Super Solvent for cleanup, and two extra spouts and overcaps.

Hot Stuff® glues are relied upon by: professionals in Woodworking, musical instrument repair, granite and marble counter-top fabrication and installation, dental labs, ceramics, furniture and antique restoration, automotive repair, jewelry-making, taxidermy, and much more.

The red label Hot Stuff® has a a consistency resembling that of water and is used mainly for bonding parts which fit very well.

The yellow label Super T has a consistency similar to that of syrup and has the ability to fill small gaps between parts which don't fit perfectly.

The green label Special T is a very thick cyanoacrylate with a consistency resembling cold honey. It allows greater gap-filling ability than SUPER 'T' and more positioning time after contact of parts.

The NCF Quick accelerator both cleans the surface and forces the glue to cure in situations where the glue would tend to cure slowly. NCF Quick works faster than alcohol-based accelerators and is a non-flammable spray. NCF Quick is friendly to plastics, lacquers, and expanded foam.

US-1 Super Solvent makes cleanup easy with none of the nasty fumes of acetone solvents.

With the Hot Stuff® Pro Kit, you have the right glue every time

Kit Includes CA Glues, Accelerator, Debonder, Extra Spouts


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